Information Technology

We provide a wide-range of Information Technology services all focused around design and architecture of intelligent digital systems. We pride ourselves on being technology neutral – in-fact we don’t much like technology, but we are a big fan of what it can do for us when it’s put to good use!

Services for IT users

RFP Design and Selection

Our expert consultants work with you to produce Requests for Proposal (or Requests for Information) which will ensure you get maximum value from your IT supply chain. Unlike most IT consultants, we’ve spent as much time on the ‘sell-side’ as we have buying. This gives us unique insights into the marketplace to ensure that you buy-better! Our unique approach is to ensure ensure that requirements are translated from technical specifications to organisational outcomes.

IT Infrastructure Design

From the physical to the cloud, your IT infrastructure needs to be designed appropriately for your needs and matched to your budget. Our experts have spent over 20 years designing IT infrastructures including networks, data-centres, compute and storage environments, public & private clouds, phone systems and unified communications environments for organisations across the whole gamut of public and private sectors.

Enterprise Architecture

If you’re unsure how to shape your organisation in today’s highly technology integrated work environment, let us guide you. We can ensure that you maximize worker productivity and engagement with the correct balance of people, processes and systems to deliver maximum organisational performance. Smart EA is all about using the right technology the right way, and letting your people do what they do best to create value.

Services for IT service providers

Pre-sales Enablement

If you’re anything like most service providers, your engineers don’t like to produce documentation! Good-news, we do! Let us help you prepare high-quality pre-sales documentation packages for both internal and external audiences. We’ll carefully adhere to your brand and style guidelines and deliver everything from long-form (Word) documentation to PowerPoint and Visio Diagrams (reference architecture).

Product Management

Do you struggle to properly manage your products and services? Our experts have a unique ability to break-down even the most complex offerings into a standardized “product catalog” which you’ll be able to easily grow and maintain over time. Our help will give you a robust product management process (including governance) to fit your organisation. We’ll even create the necessary documentation along the way to ensure that when we’re gone all your people can simply keep things rolling.

RFP Response

As end-users get more clever in crafting their RFPs (at least our RFP customers sure are!) it’s increasingly difficult to create a differentiated response that highlights your unique strengths. Our experts have over 20-years of combined buying and selling experience with RFPs of all sizes and can help your bid stand-out. This starts with a deeply technical “solution design” which we’ll produce collaboratively with your people. The solution will then be worked into a beautifully crafted document together with your bid-team and we’ll author as much of the long-form response content as required to put you in the best position.