A different kind of management services company…

Technology has changed everything.

Management services used to be about time-in-motion, today management is about connected technology. Automation rules, the Internet has more devices connected to it than there are people alive on the planet, and all of us are focused on how we live our lives rather than on staying alive.

Property Management
Property Management

We manage both short and long-term rental properties using smart-technology to keep the building safe and the tenants comfortable.

IT Infrastructure Architecture

We design digital infrastructure for smart-buildings, businesses, communication service providers, and both local & national government.

Smart Building Design

We design solutions to add smart-building and automation technology to homes, businesses and leisure properties.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

Sorry to say that there is no magic. There is only technologies that few people truly understand. At Blacklion we are digital natives who have been here since the dawn of the Internet. We are specialists who really get technology and know how to make the most of its value.