Blacklion Management Services is the intersection of our founders’ backgrounds in IT infrastructure and travel. While this might seem like a strange combination, technology is simply becoming part of the fabric of modern life. It impacts everything we all do every day, from the buildings we inhabit to the transportation we use to move about. Buildings are more than just shelter, and IT is more than just digital.

Technology will either make life better/easier/simpler or it will make it worse – but it is never the case that some technology is good and other technology bad. Technology is neither good nor bad, it simply is the reflection of the bias of the engineer that designed and implemented it.

We apply the best of technology to make the world we live in a better place to live and work. We are not interested in flashy apps or the “next big thing”. Instead, we have a laser focus on the underlying digital infrastructure that sits beneath the modern world affecting every aspect of our life and the services we rely on.

We are not consultants in the traditional sense, we do not try to embed ourselves in our customers’ organisation and we do much more than recommend solutions. We are the architects who will design the real physical and virtual systems that make things possible, and then we direct the builders and engineers to realise the system and deliver the benefits our customers are seeking.

The Latin roots of infrastructure mean simply “underneath or below the structure.”

Meriam Webster

That is why we are the first to combine together the practice of IT infrastructure, with real physical infrastructure to deliver meaningful change to the places we all live and work. We extend the digital world into the real world.

Our principal founder, Steven Harrison, has worked across North America, the Caribbean, China and Europe creating value for organisations along the full spectrum of the public and private sector. He has worked for tiny start-ups and for the largest telecommunications supplier in the world. It is this background that has given him the unique perspective behind Blacklion – to create a better world through better infrastructure.

Read more about him on his personal site here: www.stevenharrison.com